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Gajang Medical Society


The Gaden Jangtse Thoesam Norling Monastery has established a clinic to cater to the health needs of the 20,000 Tibetan refugees in the Mundgod Dogueling Tibetan refugee’s settlement. We didn’t have any clinic till 2001.


In 2002 we sat aside a small house as our clinic. It was named as Gaden Jangtse Medicine Buddha Clinic. But it was too small and when we received many patients the rooms were crowded and congested. We felt the need of a new building and present clinic took form. In 2004 we registered with the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1960 as ”Gajang Medical Society” with diverse and all-comprising aims and objectives.


Most of the Tibetan refugees have come from Tibet and due to sudden change in the climate and diet they faced many health problems. They suffer from diseases they hadn’t even known existed while in Tibet . Their health deteriorated and later it became almost impossible to treat. Even going to local hospitals for treatment is a great problem as there is a language and communication barrier. It is always very hard for patients and the doctors to understand each other. Also doctors charge exorbitant fees that these simple monks, who spend their lives studying Dharma can’t afford. Under such circumstance, diagnosis and treatment of the disease becomes very difficult.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama has always been encouraging the monastic establishments to work for the education and health in the Tibetan communities. This would make a real contribution to the welfare of the Tibetans.


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